Secrets For Maximum Fat Burning Workouts

Cardiac workout plans won’t turn out the results that many people expect. The body has got a unique method of responding to repetitive physical stress.

A heart rate monitor alone will also not do it even if you exercise six days a week and try to stay in the monitor’s fat burning zone. The fat losing would be rather disappointing.

One proven technique is to ref up the body metabolism in a way that your body burns fat all day and night even if you are not exercising. How does an increased metabolism burn more fat and how can the metabolism be continually stimulated?

You must understand that our bodies’ metabolism uses oxygen with carbohydrates and fat to generate long lasting energy. Secondly, your body produces energy for short duration and intense activity with your anaerobic metabolism.

The anabolic metabolism draws its energy from the carbohydrates in your muscle cells or in the blood. Effective heart rate training is designed to increase your metabolism in 3 ways to burn fat.

It has been found that the body adjusts to a monotonous load or exercises and preserves its fat reserves. This changes when rotating several types of exercises.

One of the 3 techniques to burn fat is to get the body into a mode during which there is not enough energy coming from the aerobic metabolism. In this case the anaerobic metabolism kicks in and produces energy of a short duration.

But at what point does it kick in? You can do a test with an oxygen mask connected to a treadmill. The exact procedure is further described in Fat Burning workouts.

Day 1. Fat burning 24 hours a day Use a treadmill and a heart rate monitor and exercise about 30 minutes at moderate strength. Slowly increase the time to get to 60 minutes.

Next day, you want to increase the exercise intensity for about 20 minutes. Try to reach the highest sustainable heart rate. These two training methods cause your metabolism to burn fat 24 hours a day.

The following day do Interval training: Do your workout in short bursts of time between 1 to 3 minutes and then walk or rest for short periods of time. Then repeat the high and low bursts. This method trains your body to produce more energy than it has ever done before for a short period of time.

With more exertion you will burn more fat but do not overdo initially. Always take note that you can sustain your speed and heart rate during all power bursts. If you can’t, start off slower.

Interval training is the most efficient way to increase the metabolism and to burn fat but an optimal fat burning program involves all 3 training methods.

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