Select Cross-Fit Compared to Other Strength Building Routines

Like P90X, a weight set, pull up bar and chair for dips are the only essential equipment necessary. Unlike working out with universal machines, which requires an expensive gym membership, CrossFit works at building overall fitness with a few simple exercise targeting large muscle groups. Crunches to isolate the abdominal muscles are not used, for example, as these muscles can work in a myriad of other exercises such as dead lifts and push ups.

This is a Generalized fitness Approach. CrossFit is unique in that the goal is to promote overall fitness, rather than focusing on one or two specialized areas, as in a workout with universal weight machines. Anyone from beginner to expert can benefit from the CrossFit program as exercise routines are adaptable to any fitness level. This weight intensive program challenges its participants.

The intermediate fitness option with CrossFit. People who are familiar with most of the routines can begin CrossFit at the intermediate level. At this level, you begin completing the WOD, substituting other exercises geared to your personal level of fitness, or equipment owned.As the body quickly adapts to repetition, changing routines such as that offered by CrossFit are most effective. If the beginner’s level is no longer difficult to master then proceed onto the intermediate level.

The advanced fitness option with CrossFit. Those at the advanced level are intimately acquainted with the routines and are in reasonable cardiovascular shape. Most persons start at the intermediate level, watching how their body responds, before beginning the advanced or regular workouts.This is ideal for people who have been playing extreme sports for an extended about of time. If you are training for a triathlon this is ideal.

This is a way to working out at home. Similar P90X, Exercise enthusiasts can use CrossFit routines in their own homes, or they go to a CrossFit affiliate to do the routines with others, while benefiting from the guidance of a professional coach. CrossFit is the minimalist approach. CrossFit adopts a minimalist approach meaning it does not need fancy equipment or difficult exercise maneuvers.

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