Some Of The Coolest E Cigarette Mods Ever And The Elements That Make Them Awesome

The electronic cigarette has improved drastically since they were first introduced with high maintenance features and short lived batteries. Hundreds of modifications are on the market and all have their own special features to improve on the originals. Battery life, bottom feeder, vapor controls are among the more popular additions but there are many more. Below are some of the preferred brands.

Each individual needs to find his own favorite based on the aspects he wants to improve on. While some value the look of their item, others prefer less maintenance. No matter which aspects you want in your mod, there will be several for you to choose from like the lava tube mini ecig.

In recent days, some modifications have exploded because they use unprotected batteries. The eCigCity is superior in that its safety features are numerous. It has several inclusions that improve this aspect. This makes it one of the safest on the market.

For elegance, the winner is Ali’i. With a genuine wooden finish, you have the option of 6 different woods and combinations. Even the threading, which can be brass or steel, can be customized.

It has other advantages too. The bottom feeder ensures low maintenance usage. It doesn’t leak and for beginners, it’s simple to use.

For quality at the best price, the Basement Box SS is fabulous for women. It’s the size of a small lighter but it still allows room for those safer PVC protected batteries. The on/off button ensures that there’s no vapor leakage in your handbag.

People have been very excited about the introduction of the ProVari to the market. Although it’s expensive, its advantages make the price worthwhile. Especially spoken about is the vapor control via a conveniently placed button. This means it’s suitable for heavy and light smokers. Security features are varied and ample too.

For low price and the fantastic inclusion of internal battery charger, the Bartleby is a great choice. It includes a USB to mini USB connection. But what makes this brand really great is the fact that the manufacturer takes special requests for customization.

It, too, has enough room for protected batteries so it’s a safe bet. It’s competitively priced. It’s an excellent brand for beginners because its manufacturer is available and responsive to questions.

When selecting a modification, there are certain considerations that will make it apt for you. Consider length of battery life when the mod is used constantly. Follow by considering how much you smoke to get an idea of how often you’ll need to change or recharge batteries.

If you’re a frequent smoker, you’ll probably prefer a product that doesn’t need frequent nicotine liquid refills. Personal taste dictates your preference for size, the presence of a light and a vapor control feature. If you’re addicted to technology, you’ll be on the look out for LED screens. What ever you choose, you’re safe in the knowledge that, with an electronic cigarette, you are no longer inhaling that smoke that’s so bad for your lungs.

Your electronic cigarette from ECigWizard can be offered in a range of forms. Why not try the greatly popular and fantastically functional lava tube mini ecig?

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