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Cancer Patients Cannot Get This Treatment

Not only just declined levels of estrogen and progesterone are being treated with BHRT, as this treatment has contributed a lot to deal with the symptoms of andropause. A gradual loss of testosterone is more frequent in men than women and thus, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy men, has been formulated to productively reduce the symptoms and harshness that they brought for a man. When testosterone hormone starts getting declined, it results in the andropause stage that is the state for men who have crossed their early 30’s. Staying in the andropause stage will make your life an uphill fight. If you want to face this condition no more, you should opt for the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy men treatment that will help you in balancing your sexual hormones.

Men Can Successfully Opt For Hormone Replacement Therapy

Although the use of hormone therapy for men has not been approved as a safer one, but it has been found that in the US alone, a huge amount of money is spent on buying testosterone every year. It shows its efficacy to be used for a better and healthier living. Men had suffered more than women in their andropause due to the lack of awareness, and their fatigue, depressive mood, lack of interest in intercourse, higher cholesterol, weakness in bones has been taken as a part of the regular aging factor as in men, things do not happen as abruptly as in women. Therefore, after detailed investigation, it has been found that if the normal level of testosterone is adjusted, then one can get rid of these very conditions in an easy manner.