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Understanding Carpal Tunnel and Compression Neuropathy

A lot of people are suffering from health problems which are often attributed to stress and overwork. One of the most affected body parts are the hands and feet. The hands are often used for various activities of daily living. Thus, the hand is more prone to a variety of injuries and diseases. Inside the human body, there is a carpal tunnel where a lot of nerves and tendons pass through to innervate the hands and fingers.

Oh No! I think I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Can A Chiropractor Help With That?

You have pain in your wrist. Its been like this for a while, but you ignore it and hope it just goes away. It gets worse when you hold the computer mouse at work. Your thumb and index finger have been going numb lately and you almost dropped your coffee cup again this morning! The pain keeps waking you up at night and it’s starting to make its way up your arm. And why do you have that neck pain and tension across the top of your shoulders? Could you have carpal tunnel syndrome?

Bellevue Chiropractor Tells You More About Your Carpal Tunnel.

“Over the last couple months, I’ve noticed that some of my daily activities in which I had no problem with in the past have started become difficult. Simple tasks such as driving the car opening up a can or even buttoning my shirt. This is not to mention that my job as a computer technician is becoming impossible, as I’m having a hard time typing and using the mouse. I am getting concerned that the pain will keep me from doing my job if I don’t do something about it soon. What can I do?”