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Can Couples Counseling Save Your Marriage After an Affair?

According to The Journal of Couples & Relationship Therapy (Atwood & Schwartz, 2002), approximately 50% of both men and women will have an extramarital affair at some time in their lives.

Successfully Overcoming Depression

More than 19 million Americans suffer from clinical depression every year, and it can affect anyone regardless of their age, race, gender, income, or physical health.

Including a Data Driven Counseling Certification within your Health care practice

The idea of research driven counseling certification has existed previously, nevertheless thanks to the internet, it can be simpler to accomplish than ever before. The primary reason for this is because now the counselor in college seems to have entry to a huge selection of other counselors, along with their professional focused, certification. By looking at what most counselors usually are studying, in addition to determining the best way to either grasp it or get another focus, you will be sure to stand out of the market.

Why You Needn’t Be Afraid of a Phobia

Most of us have an irrational fear or two… Some people feel anxious at the thought of a needle. Others feel lightheaded by simply imagining a great height. And still others shriek at the very sight of a spider.

Is Premarital Counseling Worth the Investment?

At long last you have found the person of your dreams, you are deeply in love, and you have set the date for a wedding. What a strange time to be thinking about seeing a therapist! Aren’t therapists the ones you turn to when your heart has been broken and it seems like your life is falling apart? And yet, many churches and wedding officiants now require a certain number of sessions with a marriage counselor before they will proceed with carrying out a wedding. The idea has been established that seeing a therapist prior to a marriage can bestow some sort of due diligence or guarantee that the relationship will work out better than it would have otherwise. Maybe it will put the brakes on a shaky plan that never should have developed into a marriage proposal.

The best time to Get a Marriage Counselling Program

Do you feel like you do not experience quality time together with companion? Or even you don’t speak to one another the same as you once did? Friday night was your time jointly; alternatively you’re investing this separately… As time goes by being a relationship counsellor at Marriage Therapy Toronto, regrettably I recognize this takes place very often.

Psychological and Emotional Health – How to Feel Better

For whatever reason, in today’s society, we compare being healthy only with being physically healthy. If you listen to the great majority of people about health, they consider physical activity first and then the right foods next. While this is true for our physiques, it is not correct for the rest of us. Emotional health, as well as mental health, are both important to be absolutely healthy. Maybe not in every instance are you able to change how you are feeling, you can at least control your emotions. Your emotional and psychological health can be made better so long as you are ready to do tiny changes. These are some of the things you can do.

Take Good Care Of Your Skin With These Techniques

Improving the way your skin looks will do a lot for your overall appearance. You look younger, and you need less makeup when your skin is healthy. Taking good care of your skin is essential to keep it looking its best throughout the years. Here are some tricks on how to care for your skin the right way.

Christmas Blues? Holiday Depression

The stress of the holidays triggers sadness and depression for many people. This time of year is especially difficult because there’s an expectation of feeling merry and generous. People compare their emotions to what they assume others are experiencing or what they’re supposed to feel and then think that they alone fall short. They judge themselves and feel like an outsider. There’re a host of things that add to stress and difficult emotions during the holidays.

Should You Go Alone to a Therapist If Your Partner Refuses to Come Along?

Frequently it happens that when conflict emerges in a relationship, only one party is willing to consider calling a therapist, even when it is the couple’s relationship that is the obvious cause for concern. Here are some of the most common reasons given for pushing away the idea of couple’s counseling: