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Doctor Mistakes And Medical Malpractice Cases

There exists several forms of medicinal negligence and no any two cases are always similar. Medical malpractice cases usually involve very many medicinal areas. As opposed to the common perception that medicinal negligence only relates to surgical errors, there are numerous other interactions with the doctors, hospitals or other health care practitioners that may result into negligence. Some of these situations are below.

Protect yourself from medical negligence

It seems insurance is springing up for every eventuality these days and medical matters are no exception. Playing on the fears of patients under the care of an increasingly pressured NHS and an increasingly privatised healthcare and allied professional system, insurers are reaping the benefits of our claims culture. So, is medical malpractice cover really necessary?

Treating Cancer

As one of the biggest killers in the world and one of the most prevalent forms of diseases, cancer is quickly becoming a worldwide epidemic. There is currently no treatment available for cancer and this is part of the reason that it has become so dangerous within society. Modern developments mean that we now have the ability to slow the growth of cancer cells and even sometimes to remove them completely, but even after treatment many people find that the cancer can recur several years down the track.

Government cuts could deprive vulnerable people of medical negligence compensation

The government’s proposed cuts to legal aid are being subjected to a legal challenge by the independent charity Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA). Victims of clinical negligence who can’t afford to hire a solicitor would no longer receive financial support to fight their case in court if the government’s plans go ahead.