The Benefits And Limitations Of Dental Crowns

With different crowns Greenwood patients will be assisted to achieve a greater state of wellness and a beautiful smile. The crown is often attached to teeth that are weakened and require support, are broken or worn down. In consultation with your dentist, you will be informed of the various pros and cons that are associated with this type of procedure.

The gold crown provides the largest benefit as it is the easiest and the least complicated to implement. Gold allows for a healthier option, is less likely to wear teeth down over time as with porcelain and professionals are able to create the necessary modification without having to alter much of the structure of the tooth. The only real limitation is in the fact that it may not be aesthetically pleasing if placed in the front of your mouth.

The porcelain crown is the most popular as it is able to reinforce teeth with a more natural shade. This aesthetically pleasing material is also a lot thicker which means teeth may have to be restructured in order for a more secure fit. Patients should be aware of the fact that the likelihood of infection or inflammation is higher with porcelain.

Porcelain is often infused with metal able to reinforce teeth while providing the natural shade that is most often desired. The porcelain and metal options are becoming increasingly popular as it provides a more suitable choice for those requiring crowns. Consult with your dental professional in determining available options for your needs.

The oral examination will assist in determining whether you are a candidate for the designated procedure. It is necessary to assess the pros and cons of the types of materials available. The professional will allow for a temporary crown until the permanent structure is available and cemented to teeth.

The variety of shades should be assessed in determining personal preference. The professional will first place a temporary crown on weaker teeth which is similar in color to the permanent crown. With dental crowns greenwood patients will be assisted to achieve stronger and healthier looking teeth.

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