The Best Smoothie Making Blender On The Market

I know you’ve had a bad smoothie before – we all have. When making smoothies, random lumps, clumps of unblended protein powder, and big pieces of greens can be gross enough to make you vomit – especially while cleansing, since your stomach might be upset while getting used to less food. This is why it’s important to get the best blender on the market for making smoothies. If your smoothies are gross, you’re not going to stay on the wagon.

The best blender on the market will thoroughly blend any food you put in to a silky, creamy consistency. There won’t be any clumps of powder left behind, and tough to blend foods like almonds and flax seeds will disappear into your smoothie.

To me, the best blender on the market is the OmniBlend. It is easily just as good as far more expensive blenders like the Vita-Mix and Blendtec, but costs half as much. It has a plastic tamper to make sure everything gets down into the blades, a 64oz BPA-free jar, a worry-free 7-year warranty, and much more.

One of the best features is that it allows people that can’t spend $500+ on a blender to enjoy all the health benefits of a raw food detox. And since it has a 3hp motor, people without much time can make smoothies very quickly. I don’t spend much time cutting up fruits and veggies for my smoothies – I just put in whole oranges, and apples with only the cores removed. The OmniBlend can handle it with ease.

Anything you put into the OmniBlend will have it’s cell walls broken down. This allows more of the phytonutrients to be absorbed into your system when you eat it.

In fact, modern research is revealing that many beneficial chemicals only appear after the cell walls are broken; two chemicals from different cells meet and a reaction occurs (especially true for onions and garlic), creating new beneficial compounds.

Hey, if you’re spending all that money on natural, organic foods, you probably want to get as much out of them as you can, right? Me too, and by micronizing them in a powerful blender, thereby breaking down the cell walls, you’re assuring that you’re getting your monies worth.

Now, when you’re on the Clean Program, two of your three daily meals are going to be smoothies. They are the key to a healthy fast that will help you lose weight, feel great, and possibly (like myself) get rid of some chronic health problems.

With smoothies being the key to your detox diet, you’re going to want the best smoothies you can make. No clumps of protein powder, no unblended greens, and as much nutrition as you can get from your fruits and veggies.

The OmniBlend is not designed to be a throw-away kitchen gadget. It will be there with you for the long haul. If it ever has problems, it can easily be repaired by you, a qualified handy-man, or sent in for repairs under it’s great 7-year warranty.

I’m going to do the Clean Program once per year, with a small cleanse six months after the full detox. I’m going to be putting my blender through its paces, and I feel confident that it won’t let me know year after year.

If you’re interested in cleansing your body, a great way to start is eating healthy green smoothies full of the best raw, organic, vegan, protein powder available. Find out more here: The Best Vegan Organic Protein Powder. This article, The Best Smoothie Making Blender On The Market has free reprint rights.

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