The Greater Rates Of Autism Kids Face These Days Is Puzzling

The greater rates of autism children face nowadays is puzzling to medical experts and scientists. The rate of this problem has gone up substantially within the last few years, and the cause in this increase hasn’t been identified yet. There are many theories that have been spoken or talked about but there is no solid proof to prove some of these possibilities. Vaccinations, polluting the environment, problems from being pregnant, exposure to particular substances, and many other possible causes have been theorized.

The United States Government, many doctors, and the vaccine producers insist that vaccines which are provided to kids are safe and don’t cause autism. Several parents and some medical professionals believe otherwise though, specifically in cases where the child was developing normally until a vaccine was given and then autism symptoms were first discovered by the guardian and medical doctor.

Polluting the environment has also been charged for the higher rates of autism kids experience nowadays. Some scientists believe that exposure to polluting the environment or other unsafe substances causes the problems that are seen with autism. These compounds include mercury from eating fish, pesticides that have entered into the food chain, additives and preservative chemicals that are normally added to food products, and other types of toxins. The problem with this theory is that lots of children have been exposed to these substances in the womb and were not autistic.

Medical imaging assessments do not normally reveal any brain destruction or abnormal brain activity in autistic kids. This has led several professionals to think about that the problem may be with the neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for brain action. This is also only a theory though, and studies have not been performed to determine whether this theory is right or just a false assumption.

There have been therapy discoveries that give guardians hope but there’s still no cure in sight. It is possible that this condition will be unlocked by medical science at some point but until then therapy and treatment is vital.

The main cause of the higher rates of autism in children face nowadays is still unknown but medical science is making every attempt to recognize the main cause of this disorder.

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