The Main Causes of Dry Skin

What is the top 4 causes of dry skin?

There are various things that could be causing your dry skin and pores. Finding out the cause of your dry skin is key to finding its cure. The loss of your body’s natural oils is the most common cause for dry skin. This loss of your natural body oil leaves your skin defenseless to the environment. Your family line and genetics can also play a part in your dry skin. The least likely reason for your skin problem is some internal ailment, which could be a sign of another much more serious condition.

Using the Wrong Type of Moisturizer

First Problem most people apply their lotions and oils on dry skin. When your skin is still damp is the optimal time to moisturize your skin. Also Standard lotion is not near as effective as an organic oil like organic coconut oil is as a moisturizer. Another option is a lotion made from some type of organic oil like Organic Coconut oil.

Hot Baths and Showers

The longer you are exposed to water, especially hot water, the more likely your are to dilute and wash away the natural body oils that protect you skin and lock in your skin’s moisture. The first step is to choose showers over baths when your have a choice, and take a quick shower. Again the use of a body oil after the shower can reintroduce oils back to your skin. Again an Organic oil such as a Cold pressed oil like coconut oil is the best alternative.

Dry Air

Dry Air a common if not the most common cause to dry skin. In the winter we expose ourselves to excessive hot dry air while try to over run the heater or cuddling up next to the stove. Also in summer we tend to be exposed to a much hotter and dryer climate. The best remedy is to use an organic lotion of organic body oil. Another good remedy is the use of a humidifier in your house.

The Type of Soap you Use

Detergents and soaps remove and dissolve your body’s oils. The most harsh soaps are in the soaps claiming that they are “bath bars” instead of soaps. Most “bars” are made of detergents and chemical compounds that clean your skin in place of soaps. Anti-bacterial bars are the worst at causing dry skin. A soothing organic soap is a much better purchase. Scent free or Fragrance Free soaps are another thing to look out for because they tend to be much more gentler on the skin. Also when bathing, massage the lather into your skin over scrubbing. Follow these few easy steps and your skin will become much more moist, subtle and youthful.

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