The Massage Chairs At The Consumer Electronics Show Are Magnificent

I was lucky enough to take some time to go to Las Vegas for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show or CES. The CES has every conceivable electronic device imaginable. I was interested in checking out the latest and greatest in the world of massage chairs. I was able to try a number of massage chairs and share my findings here.

One of the more interesting massage chairs at the show was the Dream Wave Sogno. The Dream Wave Sogno was the winner of the CES 2010 Innovation Award for its advanced designed and sophistication. This massage recliner has some amazing technology.

The Sogno has more airbags than any massage chair that I have ever tried. There are airbags that surround the neck and also ones that can massage your entire arm. The air massage was impressive around the neck area and was effective in relieving tension in the neck area. The arm massage was not as effective and did not provide the level of compression I was expecting.

The Sogno has an advanced seat that actually rocks in place. The seat will pivot and provide ergonomic support of your back and buttocks. This was a relaxing position for the spine. The look of the Sogno is a little egg-shaped in design which may limit where it can be placed. It was also priced at $6,000 making it a very high end chair.

I did get to try the most expensive massage chair at the CES Show. The $8,000 Fujiiryoki massage chair was by far the most expensive. The Fujiiryoki massage chair has an FDA device listing and was being billed as a medical chair. This massage recliner comes with a shoulder press massage. The shoulder press is powered by an air compressor which activates airbags to squeeze both shoulders with a compression massage.

The Fujiiryoki recliner provides for a soothing back massage and has some effective techniques. The chair back pads are thick material but a bit hard to the body. The air massage covers the feet, calves, seat, arms and shoulders. The design is fairly contemporary. The shoulder press requires an extra attachment to the sides of the chair and is a tough design element to hide in most houses.

I was able to try the Montage Premier by Omega Massage. This is the high end Omega chair which has full body massage capabilities. The Omega Montage Premier was the only chair with heat therapy and also a music player. The massage capabilities were stronger than both the Sogno and the Fujiroiki chairs.

Omega has put together a fuller massage experience with its Montage Premier. A tradeshow is the toughest environment to try massage chairs because of all the action going on. The Montage Premier let me tune out the show with their built in MP3 player and headphones. I closed my eyes drifted off as the music carried me away and the Montage Premier worked is soothing massage therapy. I activated the full body heaters and the traction system to stretch my lower body. This was certainly an excellent test to relaxation. The Montage Premier passed with flying colors as I felt fully relieved. Even the $4,500 price tag was more relieving than the others I tried.

I also surveyed the entire show for Sanyo and Panasonic who have some great massage chairs. Neither of those companies were displaying their massage chairs this year. They did have some impressive Big Screen TV’s with crystal clear images. There were an assortment of other massage chairs, but they were just at the show to sell you a massage chair. I was afraid they may not be at the show next year as they seemed a bit too high pressure to buy.

If you ever go to a show to check out shows, you want to make sure that a company you buy a massage chair from will be there down the road. There are some companies that have great deals one year and then never come back to the show. Of course, there are new companies but you need to have the confidence that they will be there to take care of any warranty issues you might have.

Some of the high end chairs are pretty outstanding and the technology being built into these massage chairs is equally amazing. If you are looking for a really high end chair, then the Sogno, Fujiiryoki and Montage Premier are your best bets. Finding the Sogno and Fujiroiki to try may be difficult, whereas the Montage Premier is in some major retailers. You may need to call the manufacturers to find where they are available to try.

You will find the Consumer Electronics show or CES is in early January each year in Las Vegas. This massive show brings you almost three thousand vendors of every gadget in the electronic world. The technology is amazing as you can find big screens, to cell phones to security systems. The massage chairs are amazing as well. It is something to see and experience the cutting edge of technology.

The CES Show is certainly the show case for the Top Massage Chairs in the World. You will find a showcase of everything electronic, the World has to offer. For more information, check out our massage chair reviews and articles. We feature the best brands of massage chairs for all your requirements.

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