The Truth About Losing Weight Effectively

The fitness industry is daunting for anyone looking to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off permanently. A billion dollar industry, there are many companies who stand to profit each time you fail at a diet plan or buy a ‘miracle pill’ which doesn’t work for you. Today we will show you once and for all how to side step the nonsense and jump straight to long term proven weight loss results.

There are enough gimmicks and celebrity style get fit quick plans out there to get you lost forever, so what we’ll be focusing on today are a series of proven, time tested methods.

Basically, the 5 steps you see here work very well.

Are you ready to begin? If so, read on….

* Learn how to work at a calorie deficit.

What does this mean? Like most things in fitness it isn’t as hard as it sounds. A calorie deficit basically means eating less calories per day (or per week) than you do right now. People often go wrong here though, cutting so drastically that their body enters starvation mode and actually stores fat. Don’t starve yourself, cut out no more than 200 calories per day until you have reached your daily target rather than making a sudden, shocking jump. This step alone is where many people get lost.

* You will need more protein when dieting.

Barely anybody who is new to dieting understands this step and it leads them to fail for about nine months before they finally ‘get it’. You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat. Not muscle. Ever had that friend who lost a lot in a short time but looked strangely ill because of it? Combat this progress ruining bad habit by simply upping your protein levels during your daily diet regime.

* Go with protein snacks, not carbs.

If you are going to snack between meals you’ll give yourself a massive weight loss advantage by snacking on protein instead of carbs or fat. Why? Snack on carbs and fats and you will more than likely store a lot of fat, whereas protein has the least impact on the fat storage system of the three macronutrients in food.

* Get your snack pot routine started.

Easily the top diet tip of many trainers, this simple technique is sworn by in our gym. Carrying small tubs in your rucksack with you to work, each container filled with a light and healthy snack of around 50 to 100 kcals will allow you to beat the one issue which brings most people off their diet. Picture it, you are half way through a hard shift at work with no food and the vending machine is calling your name.. We have all been there. This step nullifies this action completely.

* Take a day off every week.

Cutting your favorite junk foods is a bad move when on any diet. Why? Because it leads you to fall off the rails and quit after a few weeks. Enjoy one day per week where you literally don’t count your food and eat how you want. You will put on some bad weight here for sure, but overall it will help you to stick to your goal far longer.

Apply these simple methods and you will get results, regardless of current experience or even current weight. These are the basics of any proven, solid diet plan and if you are looking at how to lose weight effectively and keep it off you will do well to apply each step shown here first.

About the author: Russ Howe is a respected Personal Trainer. See his quality youtube guide on how to lose weight right here for free.

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