Things You Can Be Aware Of When Using Ultra Dark Lotion

Ultra Dark lotion is a popular self tanning cream that gives many customers dark brown colored skin. With so many wishing to avoid the traditional tanning salon, this product just may be their best alternative. If you are considering trying it for the first time, then you can expect to experience a few common results.

The directions indicate that you should spread a thin layer of the lotion all over your body, taking care to cover all the parts you want tanned evenly. An important tip from customers in the know, is to apply it wearing vinyl gloves to protect your palms. They tend to hoard the lotion and become overly brown. Some people avoid this problem by washing their hand frequently to avoid the active tanning ingredients.

Some regular customers prefer to use an scrub brush to periodically rinse their palms as they put the lotion all over their body. But, an easier method is to use gloves as you cover your face and body with the cream. Then, remove the gloves and use the cream to add color to your hands. The last step you should take is to wash your palms again to remove any last bit of remaining cream.

One of the most useful application tips includes using small dabs of this lotion at a time. Add even sized dabs wherever you want to add color, and then spread the dabs with light circular strokes. Fingertips are very helpful to keep the strokes even and avoid overlaps. Take the time to spread each dab slowly. An average length of time to complete this process could be one hour. Plan your time accordingly.

This top proprietary blend has moisturizer and sun block added to help protect your skin from the elements. Your skin still needs the extra moisture and vitamins even though you are blocking out the UV rays of the sun. Many satisfied customers report that they enjoy using the product because it conditions their skin as it colors it darker. These reports come from lighter skins as often as from medium toned skins.

The natural look you can get is really one of the reasons why it remains so popular. Many people enjoy the fact that it does not irritate their skin. Some manufacturers have taken care to make their product based on a sugar solution which accounts for the comfortable application and use.

There are a few users who have mentioned that they feel the product simply costs too much. But, for those who really like the results, the price then seems very reasonable. Many users simply appreciate the natural look and feel the product gives their skin.

Many customers who tried Ultra Dark lotion for the first time were pleasantly surprised that it has a pleasant smell. After years of self tanning, their experiences included many less than fragrant creams and oils. Finding that their tans were good looking and their skin smelled good was a double plus for them. For many, the combination of rich color and pleasant texture was just what they were looking for when trying an alternative to tanning beds and other therapies. If you are interested in an alternative to traditional UV tanning salons, then you might consider giving this lotion a try.

If you hope for a bronzed look that is ultra dark, it is as simple as a spray on product. You can look for the best fake tan spray and enhance your summer time appearance.

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