Tips On How Denton Dentist Makes Smiles Beautiful With Veneers

If flashing a smile is not possible due to discolored or damaged incisors, you can have a cosmetic provider help you resolve that problem. You should see a cosmetic dental provider for this and not just a regular Denton dentist. Only qualified practitioners can perform beautifying techniques.

You may take advantage of several aesthetic procedures to make your enamel whiter or to fix broken teeth. You can undergo bleaching or have a crown placed over a damaged tooth. If you wish to have both issues resolved in a single action, you must consider having veneers applied which can cover chipped and stained incisors.

Veneers are shells made of very thin composite material or porcelain. These are customized and then attached to the front of each tooth with cement. They can cover up discolored, chipped, or slightly crooked teeth. You can also use these applications to hide spaces between your incisors to be able to flash a perfect smile.

Your provider will let you know whether you are a suitable candidate for this type of procedure or not. If you can have them, a thin layer of enamel will be scraped off to prepare for the adhesion. This step is usually painless but you can opt to have an anesthetic if you are sensitive to the scraping.

After scraping the teeth, a mould will be taken which will be used to create your veneers. You will need to return to the dental clinic for the application of the shells. Cement will be applied to each enamel to attach the veneers in place. Once they are attached, the shells may be shaped to make them look more like real teeth.

You will know if you can have this type of dental work done after your Denton dentist inspects your mouth. Patients with badly decayed enamel and gum disorders may not be able to have veneers fitted in. You need to get these conditions resolved first before the veneers can be attached to your teeth.

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