Tired of Cleaning With Toxic Fluoride Toothpastes: Try Blotting Your Teeth and Gums

Are you in the same boat as I was some years back? Fortunately someone put me in contact with a great dentist who solved my filling issues and then took time to clarify what I should do so I wouldn’t have to come back in six month’s. I’d never heard good information like this from a dentist before!

He said to me that when most people visit the dentist, it’s generally to have repair work done on the teeth and gums or have root canal work. He called this process ‘drilling, filling and billing‘. My dentist also explained that repair work NEVER addresses the real cause of gum deterioration and tooth decay – layers of decomposition and breakdown that build over many years. He added that if people brush their teeth twice a day and do a little bit of flossing now and then, they’d more than likely have new fillings each year. When I asked him why, he said:”Because they are doing the wrong thing!”

Then he gave me a most peculiar recommendation. He told me to stop using standard toothbrushes and start using a “Blotting Brush”. I’d never heard of a Blotting Brush before but I was open to try anything, particularly with his advice. It seemed to be the way in which the Blotting Brush is used that makes the difference: the Blotting Technique. No more brushing from side to side or up and down, because if conventional brushing with tooth paste is done badly this can be the easiest way to push plaque into your gum crevices!

That was in the year 2002. I’ve used Blotting Brushes every day since then.

Something else that I didn’t know about is the meridianl connection between your teeth and your vital organs. I found an interactive tooth chart that lets you move your mouse over a tooth and see what organs and other bits of the body – joints, organs, glands and even parts of the spine – are internally connected to that tooth. When you click on any tooth you’ve had treated by root canal work you find out precisely which internal organ etc might have been affected.

“Poor oral health is linked to health problems such as diabetes, strokes, heart disease and premature births.”The British Dental Health Foundation.

From a family of Clydeside Scots, Graeme was born and
brought up in Hong Kong. He lived for 35 years there, as well as in Borneo and
Indonesia. Intrigued by the way in which the different Asian cultures approach
their health and wellbeing, he studied aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine
and became familiar with many other time-honoured healing methods, from the
traditional Jamu herbal medicine healers of Java to the body balancing
mechanisms of Jin Shin Jyutsu, from Japan. Together with his wife
Phylipa, Graeme now runs Resources For Life a natural health business in
Chichester, West Sussex and ToothWizards, an oral health initiative to help
people achieve a degree of self-sufficiency in dental health. For more information on Blotting Brushes click here

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