Treating Eczema on Scalp

Treating eczema on your scalp can be a very frustrating experience. The scalp is particularly difficult to apply any kind of moisturizer, cream, or ointment to which is pretty much what all eczema treatments amount to.

Some causes of eczema on the scalp include:

Environmental irritants Health or other skin conditions Heavy Sweating Oily hair and skin Excessively dry skin Allergies or Asthma

Treatment of scalp eczema should start with a few basic approaches before proceeding to prescription level shampoos or creams. Give a good dandruff shampoo a try first, something that contains zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, or ketoconazole. I’ve used Head & Shoulders and it’s been helpful for me at times, the bonus with a shampoo like this is that even if it doesn’t immediately clear up the eczema itself it will almost certainly help with many of the symptoms including the itching and any dandruff or flaking that’s occurring. Don’t underestimate getting rid of the itching, not only will that help you stay sane and comfortable but it also prevents you from scratching your head constantly and causing more harm to the area that way.

Here’s a list of a few Natural Remedies you can use:

Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (equal parts vinegar and water). Leave the mixture in your hair for a while and a lot of people find that it helps quickly cure their scalp eczema. The idea of the strong vinegar smell in my hair has always prevented me from trying this one myself, if you’re desperate though anything is worth a try.

Another option that’s frequently suggested is Epsom salt, and it has the added bonus of virtually no scent. Each rinse with epsom salt can be done quickly, it doesn’t require a long soak or letting it sit for a long time, the added bonus of course is the lack of smell.

Scalp Eczema Prevention

If you’ve read many of my other articles on eczema then you’ll know that I focus a lot more on preventing than treating eczema. Here are some tips for preventing eczema on your scalp:

In general, use a milder shampoo and use a very small amount of it. You want to clean your hair without overly drying it out along with your scalp. After a heavy work out or other physical activity that causes a lot of sweating take a shower.

Sometimes prevention just doesn’t work and you’ll end up with an eczema flare-up despite your best efforts. Sometimes I stick it out and can manage to get it back under control using an anti-dandruff shampoo and exfoliating real well (really get in there with your finger tips, not your finger nails) but sometimes I have to resort to a trip to the doctor for a medicated shampoo. I doubt those prescription shampoos are very good for you when used often or for long periods of time though, but they can work very well when all else has failed.

Always try to limit your use of prescriptions when treating your eczema, knock out that flare-up then get back to good natural preventative measures. After the flare-up is taken care of you can go back to working on prevention using the tips above.

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