Treatment For Herniated Disk NJ

When looking for treatment for herniated disk NJ there are many choices on offer. Treatments can vary from medication through lifestyle changes, manipulation, steroid injections and even laser surgery. There are plenty of different services available and it is necessary to take advice as to which would be best for each individual circumstance.

When excess pressure on the spinal bones causes the jelly like material within the disc to push outwards a bulge will occur this is then described as herniated. In severe cases this can cause the outer membrane to split allowing the inner jelly to escape. The bulge or the material which is misplaced can then put pressure on the local nerves causing pain and discomfort.

Depending on where the damage is situated the severity of the pain and the areas involved will vary. This problem is most likely to arise in either the lower back or neck areas. The pressure exerted on the nerves can cause pain, weakness and or numbness in the arms if situated in the neck and legs if in the lower back.

Anti-inflammatory or other medication may well ease some of the symptoms but this is not a permanent solution. Although a problem which has been caused by a strain may sometimes be eased when the inflammation is reduced as the nerves may not be affected in the same way. Indeed some people live with this type of injury and only really notice it if they twist or strain the area, turning to medication to relieve the symptoms at these times.

Manipulation, physiotherapy and lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet can change the condition for the better. When the spine is correctly balanced the pressure on the spine and the nerves around it are vastly reduced. If these changes are maintained until they become a way of life some sufferers can live virtually pain free.

If however damage has been done due to trauma such as an accident the body may not be able to achieve the perfect balance and position to ease the pressure. In these circumstances other treatments may need to be considered.. Steroid injections can be used and these can be repeated at extreme times of discomfort.

When all other considerations have been ruled out there is now also laser treatment. This surgical procedure removes the unwanted substances but is not as invasive as normal spinal surgery, and so has less risk. Finding the best treatment for herniated disk NJ is now a simple process of deciding what is right for the individual.

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