Understanding Carpal Tunnel and Compression Neuropathy

A lot of people are suffering from health problems which are often attributed to stress and overwork. One of the most affected body parts are the hands and feet. The hands are often used for various activities of daily living. Thus, the hand is more prone to a variety of injuries and diseases. Inside the human body, there is a carpal tunnel where a lot of nerves and tendons pass through to innervate the hands and fingers.

The carpal tunnel is also termed as the carpal canal. This is actually the area which serves as a narrow passageway which connects the wrist area with the palms of the hands and also to the forearm. This type of carpal canal is comprised of tendons, bones, joints, connective tissues along with nerves which usually enable sensation and motions for the arms, wrists plus hands.

Carpal Tunnel and then Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Essentially, this specific carpal canal is made up of nine flexor tendons which are of sufficient length to carry signals from the forearms towards the hands. Each of these tendons are around the median nerve. At any time these tendons would get bigger caused by the degenerative alterations or injuries would increase the risk for compression of the median nerve. This would come to be a problem illness which is referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome which is actually a type of compression neuropathy.

The actual Physical Effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The wrist is one of the most afflicted areas of the hands if you are dealing with carpal tunnel disorders. The major problem would be the movements of the entire wrist. This would involve the width and shape of the entire carpal canal. There is a decrease of the width during normal movements of the wrist area.

The extension and flexion of the wrists would further compress the carpal canal. The median nerve is then squeezed as the passageway becomes narrower resulting to pain, tingling sensation and numbness or decreased grip strength.

Probable Causes for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The reason behind CTS is actually unknown. However, thyroid disorders, diabetes and having a baby as well as RA (rheumatoid arthritis) have greater risk to develop this condition.

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