Understanding the Basic Facts about LASIK Eye Surgery

For over twenty years, LASIK eye surgery has been providing patients with excellent, permanent results. Those who need to wear glasses or contacts to correct their vision problems, no longer need this eyewear when they undergo this simple procedure. For such patients in San Diego LASIK eye surgery presents itself as an ideal option.

This outpatient procedure involves reshaping the eye’s cornea using a special laser. The cornea is the clear part of the eye that sits on top of the iris (colored part); when it is reshaped, vision improves. Most patients experience perfect or near-perfect vision afterwards.

Patients must meet several criteria for a San Diego ophthalmologist to consider them a suitable candidate for this procedure. Generally, they need to be at least 18, healthy, and not suffer from eye disease. They must have thick enough corneas, and have used the same prescription eyewear for at least one year.

Globally, almost all patients who have undergone it are pleased with the results. More than half of them will achieve 20/20 vision, and even more than this will achieve 20/40 vision; wearing glasses or contacts will be a thing of the past. It is advisable, however for a patient to find out the exact success rate for their eye surgeon.

While small, there are still some risks and side effects that can result from LASIK. Some patients may experience chronically dry eyes, a corneal flap problem, or an eye infection after the procedure, but these are easily treated with medications. Blurred vision, glares or halos around light, light sensitivity, and discolored spots on the eye surface may also be noted, but generally heal quickly.

Patients who wear contacts must stop wearing them for several weeks prior to the procedure as they change the shape of the cornea. The patient will also need to have a ride arranged to and from the Carlsbad optometry clinic or wherever they choose to have the surgery done. The patient lies down comfortably during the procedure; then some anesthetic drops will be placed in the eyes, which will be held open and in place using a suction ring device. The corneal surface is flattened and a tiny flap is made in it, the ophthalmologist then reshapes it with the laser and replaces the flap. It usually only takes about 15-30 minutes to do both eyes.

A protective eyeshield may need to be worn for a couple of days, and the eye may feel a bit sore and blurry initially. The full effect on the vision will normally be experienced about 3 to 6 months after the procedure. This quick and effective solution to poor eyesight is a good alternative for those who are sick of glasses or contacts and is offered at by a number of quality San Diego LASIK eye surgery providers.

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