Understanding the Differing Kinds of Wrinkle-Filler Products

Every human wants to hold off his standard process of getting older. As a person can’t control his growing older, he explores the options available to preserve the young look. The beauty product offerings available in the market are efficient only in reducing the wrinkles. But the wrinkle filler products are more preferred due to their efficacy in getting rid of the wrinkles completely for a couple of months.

Like the beauty merchandise, a modern person also has options to make a choice from a selection of wrinkle filler. As the price and usefulness of these products differs from one another, you have to do your preparation to select the right product that complements your skin and wrinkle type.

If you are new to the procedure , it is advisable to talk with a professional cosmetic surgeon to grasp the arguments of popular wrinkle fillers like Collagen, Botox and Juvaderm. However , Botox is not the same as other products, as it is not injected into the skin of the person. The product is rather efficacious in paralyzing the muscles, smoothing the existing wrinkles and stopping fresh wrinkle formations.

Many of these wrinkle-filler injections use facial collagen or fat. As collagen already exists in human body as a sort of protein, the surgeon simply inject purified bovine collagen by mixing it with salt water. Occasionally higher dose of collagen is added to balance the effects of salt water.

At the same, the fat injected into the wrinkles is removed from the body of the patient. Typically, the fat is extracted from specific parts of the body including thighs, buttocks, and tummy. The plastic surgeon extracts the fat from the patient’s body by using a syringe, and injects the same into the body part selected by the patient. Typically, the fat is injected in the face of the patients to provide them with a wrinkle-free and young look.

Dr. Mary Kalimnios has been doing Brevard County dentures as well as Brevard County dental implants for a long while.

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