Understanding What A Roof Anchor Is And How They Work

A roof anchor can save your life. It could save the life of your friend. It could even save the life of someone you do not peculiarly care for. The point is that they can and do save lives. To do this they have to be installed correctly and maintained regularly.

Roof anchors can come in many shapes and sizes. There are also differences in the pitch of the roofs they go on to. Some are universal for all different types of pitches, while others are made for one pitch only. Some are residential and made for one use only; and some are commercial duty to be used over and over.

The bottom line is that you can buy one of these for whatever application you need at almost any home supply store for under 50 dollars. This is a very small investment for the safety that it provides. Because of their inexpensive nature and ease of installation there is no reason to not use one.

With that being said other than a life saving device what are they someone may wonder. Well, they are a piece of formed metal that either attaches directly to a roof or its supporting structure. They generally have a large ring to fasten a tether to. This tether is then attached to a person by way of a lanyard and harness. The person, of course, would be wearing the harness. All this acts in concert to prevent someone from falling from a place high in the air.

Installation is easy as one, two, three, simply follow the manufacturer’s directions. Also they should always be fixed to the roofs or trusses using lag screws. Using decking screws is ill advised because they shear off under an excessive amount of pressure. This is also true of dry-wall screws and the common nail, use them is never advised.

Before each use your anchor needs to be looked at making sure it is still securely attached to the supporting structure or roofs. Every line can than be looked at for any kind of fraying or twisting. The spring hooks can be checked making sure they are latching securely. Any harness used should be checked while looking for louse or obstructing ties.

Once you are on very tip of your house, there are certain things to always remember. Safety factors are never a substitute for using common sense. Make an effort to leave the truly high roofs to folks that do this as a living. Ending up dead or disabled is rarely worth the chance of saving some money. Always use a strong and sturdy latter for getting on and off the roof.

Make an effort to pick a morning which is calm and clear to complete your work. Battling your blowing wind makes almost everything Significantly more challenging. Rain spells disaster basically. Very hot rooftops are also dangerous while shingles may become smooth and slippery. Put on very good fitting sneakers which have the soft sole. This will aid along with traction. Keep the base of the shoes clear of any kind of particles. Once more this will always help with traction. A roof anchor can help to save your life; you just have to make use of it properly.

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