V2Cig’s 2 Piece E Cigarette Makes Additional Vapor Volume than the 3 Piece Models

Electronic cigarettes offer an advanced modern way to smoke. With an e cig, the body receives nicotine without tobacco byproducts. Smokers should choose an e cig that offers the best smoking experience at the best possible price. V2cigs offers a quality two piece e cigarette design. This two piece device produces more smoke volume than three piece models.

E cigs simulate smoking traditional cigarettes by producing vapor that tastes like a traditional cigarette, or flavor if chosen. They also contain nicotine, but non nicotine cartridges are also offered. The device is similar to that of a humidifier, or a nebulizer. The atomizer changes the liquid inside the unit into a vapor. The smoker then inhales the nicotine as they would a traditional cigarette.

Some people enjoy e cigs because they are more economical than regular cigarettes. Some enjoy the fact that the liquid inside simulates the taste of a cigarette. Others enjoy experimenting with the many flavors offered such as cherry and coffee. The battery will usually last about a week for a social smoker. Very heavy smokers will find their battery lasts about 4-5 hours.

The best e cigs maximize volume by producing more vapor. More vapor provides smokers with a more enjoyable smoking experience. The newer two piece designs produce more vapor than the older three piece models. The two piece designs only contain two components; the battery and cartridge.

V2Cigs offers a top of the line two part design. The cartridge encloses the liquid, and the atomizer. When smokers draw on the cartridge, they activate the battery. The liquid then turns to vapor. The LED light in the tip begins to glow. These details combine to produce a top-notch simulation of traditional smoking. Most people can use one cartridge as if it were a full pack of traditional cigarettes before replacing it. Replacement times vary depending on a smoker’s inhalation pattern.

V2Cigs exclusive design holds more liquid in its reservoir than a three piece model. The cartridge provides an airtight seal around the liquid. This both maintains freshness, and inhibits evaporation. The cartridge also seals in the nicotine cap. In a three-part model, the nicotine cap is on the end of the mouthpiece. It easily dries out, and has to be refilled with liquid. The drying creates inconsistent vapor production.

The two part design offers several other advantages. V2Cigs come with a cartridge that is disposable. The disposable cartridge contains the atomizer. This means that customers get a fresh atomizer every time they switch the cartridge. The atomizer never has to be cleaned. This eliminates the risk of breakage, and bacterial contamination.

Nicotine liquid is available in a wide variety of flavors. Some are designed to emulate the real tobacco taste. An example is V2Cigs Red. Some people, however, prefer trying different flavors. V2Cigs offers many options, like peppermint, coffee, and chocolate. They will even introduce classic cola in the near future.

Although e cigs are not marketed as a smoking cessation product, thousands have quit traditional cigarettes by enjoying the chemical free devices. V2Cigs offers a realistic and cheaper alternative. V2Cig’s two piece e cigarette design produces more smoke volume than three piece models. Increased vapor means a superior smoking experience.

If you are trying to quit smoking, then you should look at the V2cigs right now. Let us give you a cool V2Cigs Review right now.

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