Water Enhancers- Do They Make A Healthy Drink Alternative?

Water is an essential part of life- all life. Many people today are severely dehydrated from drinking everything BUT water. The problem, or rather the complaint often heard is: water doesn’t taste good. A bad taste in your mouth makes it hard to want to indulge in something, even if you know it’s good for you.

Here is something interesting. It’s been proven, many people today that think they are sick, could very well be dehydrated. Making water taste better helps a great deal when it comes drinking more water. A new trend today in your grocery aisles has been what’s called affectionately, “water enhancers”. These are really convenient and can be put into any bottle or glass of water.

When it comes to water enhancers in general or healthy drinks in particular, here is a simple acid test to determine if what you are thinking about drinking is really a healthy beverage solution.

If you can’t pronounce it, or it uses the description “ose” don’t buy it. Typically these are chemical ingredients.

If it looks pretty and colorful, stay away from it. Usually these are food coloring dyes.

If you see artificial sweeteners, buy something else. These have been proven to be worse for you than the calories you save.

You have to be a diligent decision maker when it comes to healthy drinks. As far as the quick test and a score of three out of three, you shouldn’t buy it or drink it.

With that information on how to determine a healthy drink, let’s continue the review of water enhancers. These products are flavoring consumables you can add to your water to give it flavor without losing the real value of the water. Enhancers come in a large selection of flavors that will tease any palette, and they really make the water taste great. The best benefit, is how hydrated you will get when you actually like the way water actually tastes.

Some say water enhancers don’t add a bunch of junk into your water; they just put the good stuff in there. Others say watch out for the artificial sweeteners and especially the food coloring/dyes they contain. Water enhancers contain both artificial sweeteners and food coloring dyes. We think these water enhancers could have been developed more on the healthy side by eliminating the food dyes and replacing artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners.

Some water enhancers deliver an energy boost, others come with vitamin, like orange flavor with vitamin C, so you not only drink your water; you get things often void in bottled water like minerals and vitamins! These elements are removed in the filtering process, but home filters leave enough in there. There are plenty of healthy water enhancers out there for you to buy.

Best benefit of enhancers: just squeeze your favorite flavoring & enjoy your favorite flavored waters!

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