Ways Of Conducting Pest Control

Pest control is the organized management of organisms that can bring harm to both plants and animals. The history of this activity can be traced back to the origin of agricultural practice. Such pests are always a nuisance to man and this arouses the urge of doing away with them. In order to achieve maximum yield on agriculture, man has fort the inversion of these organisms both on himself and his crops.

These vermin have only become a nuisance because of the direct action of man. In as much as they cause trouble to him, he is the sole reason for their interference. As an example, house flies normally flock areas with constant human activity especially where there is food waste. Correspondingly, seagulls have caused havoc at many seaside resorts. Visitors would often feed the birds, and before long, they became dependent on this origin of food and act aggressively towards people.

The conventional method, as a way of pest control, was the first to be used. Direct destruction of such organisms was its policy. It is practically true that destroying weeds using fire and plowing them under the soil is easy. This is what formed the basis of this method. Killing other large ones like the seed-eating birds is also fairly cheap.

Controlling pests biologically is yet another method. It is very environmental friendly as it poses no harm to the flora and fauna when applied. The best example of this technique is exhibited when a bacterium that eats up mosquito larvae is put in stagnant water. In addition to killing all the larvae, it also maintains the purity of the water leaving it uncontaminated.

In some occasions, breeding places of these pests are destroyed. This is particularly carried out by draining away still waters and the proper management of waste. Due to this, most of these organisms are affected since they live in such filthy environment. Places with elaborate garbage management are not infested by flies, rats and others of their kind.

Sometimes, baiting is done as a measure against pests. It works best on rats. This is, however, ineffective wherever the rodents can gain access to other foods. Some people poison flesh that they use in eliminating off wolves. This has also helped in killing caterpillars and others of the sort.

Physical hunting is also sometimes done as a way of controlling the pests. It is interesting to know that some Europeans are so harsh on stray cats and dogs. They gather them when their population begins to raise eyebrows, and those that have no owners are taken out of the face of life. Others go to the extent of literally chasing and killing rats using dogs or hand-held tools.

Spraying poison has also gained popularity amongst vermin pest control Mississauga. They are sprayed using planes, hand held units and tracks. Crop dusters fly over big plantations as they spray the poison to do away with the unwanted organisms which, when ignored, would otherwise interfere with the well being of the plants.

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