Wellness Coaching – Vaccines are an Epidemic

The U.S. Government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 70 doses of 16 different vaccines between birth and age 18. All 50 states mandate between 30 and 45 doses of vaccines just to enter your child into daycare. So, how safe and effective are they?

Mary Holland, co author of the book, “Vaccine Epidemic,” writes about the expert opinions from authorities in the fields of ethics, science, medicine, and business, who all call for reform in the compulsory mandating of vaccinations, and a reevaluation of their safety. “At the end of the day, because every vaccination carries real risks…it has to be the individual with their healthcare practitioner that makes an informed choice,” she said, adding that her objection is not to the vaccines, but the “forcing of the products on children or people.” Often, if they don’t accept the vaccine, they can’t go to work or school, she noted.

I believe that individuals should have the right to refuse vaccines without having to withdraw from employment, military service, or remove their children from school. Clearly, this is coercion. When there is an epidemic disease and the only way to combat it is with a vaccine, then, of course, by all means this is a valid option. But most of the vaccines our children are pelted with are for diseases that are no longer threats in the U.S. but only in third world countries.

Vaccines can cause personal injury, even death. This is not debated. One individual who received a flu shot was paralyzed because of it and this was proven in a court of law. We don’t force people to take aspirin, penicillin, or any other drugs that contain risks. Vaccines do contain risks just like these other drugs. But they are not forced on the public. Pharmaceutical companies have paid out sanctions for marketing the vaccines illegally. That’s something you don’t hear in the mainstream news.

Vaccine-induced immunity is still only temporary immunity. Up to seven injections to one infant at one time can be legally given. In nature, you certainly wouldn’t be exposed to seven diseases all at the same time. Autism and severe bowel disorders among children have increased dramatically since the advent of forced vaccinations. The second most toxic element on the planet (next to plutonium) is mercury which has been a staple ingredient in vaccines (as thimerosol) for decades. There are between five and eleven different antigens in just one vaccine. Multiply that times the onslaught of injections and you get a “molecular war” going on inside the child’s sensitive immune system.

So, what is the motivation for doctors recommending vaccines? The government promotes them mainly because of the Big Pharma lobbyists who donate to the campaigns of Senators and Congresspeople. Scientists who do vaccine research also get plenty of funding from the pharmaceutical industry. So, the bottom line is; everyone (except for the child) wins if there are more vaccines.

Mary Holland believes that there should be a Gold Standard study that compares children who have not received vaccines to those who have received vaccines. Then we can accurately plot their overall health outcome. This would be an unbiased and fair baseline study. Unfortunately it has already been proposed to the government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Their response: It would be unethical to do this study because it would deprive certain children from vaccinations.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is an online Wellness Coach who founded Sunlighten and co-founded Sunlight Day Spa; holistic wellness companies devoted to infrared sauna therapy, sound therapy, and massage therapy. His Wellness Coaching program embodies meditation, infrared sauna detox, upper cervical care, and eating an alkaline-inducing, nutrient-dense, genetically compatible diet.

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