Which to buy – The Motoactv Fitness Tracker or the Nike Fuelband?

Motorola’s unique fitness tracker, the Motoactv, is a tiny bit of a monster when it comes to functions. As a result, there are loads of very different offerings and device classes that it competes with. In this review I’ll be speaking about how the Motoactv compares against a widely used alternative that is also eager for your hard earned cash – the Nike Fuelband.

Design and style

One thing you notice about the Nike Fuelband is how light and slim it truly is. It clips snugly round your wrist plus the screen is incorporated right into the wrist band itself, making it very light-weight and hardly noticeable whenever it’s on.

The Motoactv, however, is largely the opposite. While it also has a modern, glossy design, it’s a large piece of technology to be sporting on your wrist and you will quickly notice the weight. The GPS watch device is pretty much 2″ long and 2″ wide, with 0.4″ depth – big for a watch. The syling is attractive however can’t compete with the Nike in terms of size and weight.

Clock one victory for Nike

Score: Nike 1 : Motorola 0


The Motoactv is a veritable jack-of-all-trades. It keeps track of outdoors exercises by way of GPS, plotting out route maps that you are able to look at on screen. It provides a smart MP3 player built-in that learns your favorite work out music, there’s an accelerometer for indoors activity monitoring and steps / caloric burn monitoring. The Motorola can additionally connect with Ant+ compatible equipment including heartbeat sensors and bike speed sensors.

The Nike includes an internal accelerometer and can record your entire day’s exercise and activities. It can sync up with your mobile phone and tell you your activity levels, steps taken and calories expended. There’s absolutely no GPS tracking however, it all works using the on board accelerometer.

The Motoactv steals it on this round:

Score: Nike 1 : Motorola 1

Cell phone connectivity

If you would like to sync your fitness tracker to your smart phone, this may possibly be the deciding factor for you, since the Nike Fuelband presently only has an app for iOS phones however the Motoactv only has an app for Android smart phones. In both cases, the app is incredibly beneficial and greatly increases the device’s value, so perhaps the choice out of these two devices will come simply down to whether you’re an iPhone user or more of an Android fan.

No apparent victor in this round!

Score: Nike 1 : Motorola 1

Value for money

The 8GB Motoactv is sold for a RRP of $249.99. The Nike Fuelband however is available a lot cheaper at $149.99. If you want the extra abilities offered by the Motoactv, you’re certainly going to have to pay for them.

Nike wins it this time round.

Score: Nike 2 : Motorola 1


The Motoactv keeps track of all manner of activities, has integrated roadmaps and will wirelessly route phone calls from your phone which means you won’t get interrupted throughout your training. It’s also a great option for a workout Music player. The Nike on the other hand will track your day-to-day activity amounts and calories, which is helpful for people battling with their health but possibly less useful for somebody who is a sports or health and fitness enthusiast already.

Being a physical fitness buff personally, I’m not searching for an simple gadget such as the Fuelband, I’m just after a device with additional in depth monitoring such as the Motorola. So, the Motoactv clinches it this time round for me personally!

Score: Nike 2 : Motorola 2


So it’s a draw! I think the 2 devices are really targeted at two different niches, so your choice in reality depends upon your identity and what you are after.

For your more laid-back exerciser, who’s searching for a innovative product to enable them to record fitness and stay motivated, you can’t get it wrong using the Nike thanks to it’s ease of use.

For your more serious physical fitness and health enthusiast, and also for anyone who’s interested in endurance sports training, the greater features list and capabilities of the Motoactv make it the clear choice.

Want to find out more details about how the motoactv sports watch tallies up against Nike’s Fuelband?? Have a look at our in depth summary of the Motoactv Fitness Tracker and the Nike Fuelband.

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