Why Over-The-Counter Medications Can’t Get Rid Of Melasma

The patchy, grayish-brown discoloration that we observe on our face is called melasma. It often affects areas that are open from the sun, such as the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and affects more women than men. It is not frequently serious, but, as with any other skin conditions, it cries out to be treated.

Let’s make this clear: over-the-counter creams can not make melasma go away. Most women believe that beauty and whitening creams can do so. They can’t. What we should do is see a dermatologist to learn its cause and to know the proper cure.

In most Asian women, the condition is from from exposure to the sun. Thus, women are advised to often use an umbrella or a hat or to stay inside when the heat of the sun is at its peak. Also, putting on a facial lotion with SPF 30 may shield against the harmful UV rays.

Other causes of melasma may be genetic and hormonal imbalance especially during pregnancy. This is how it gained popularity being the “pregnancy mask.” Also, it may indicate a more serious skin condition such as skin cancer. Women should understand the importance of not concluding on the correct treatment for the condition without consulting a physician first.

Dermatologists may give scientifically established medical-grade agents that can lighten and even curb the melanocytes to be blamed for the skin problem. These include Intense Anti-aging Vitamin C serums, Epiquin Micro lightening cream, Triluma cream and the Cosmelan Painless Depigmentation Peel.

Another cure is through Medlite C6 laser procedure, a well-known laser system, which, are five to ten sessions, can effectively decrease melasma load gently. The effectiveness of this procedure in patients is verified through objective photography.

Women normally buy expensive make-up foundation powders and apply thick make-up to conceal this skin imperfection everyday. And although this method can cover the condition temporarily, it does not get rid of the problem. This is just time-consuming and pricey in the long run. To cure melasma permanently, see a doctor and get the appropriate treatment.

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