Will Women Get Bulky If They Lift Weights?

Should women lift weights in the gym? This is one of the oldest questions in fitness and it’s amazing how much confusion it still causes today. Today we will give you the lowdown on this often debated topic.

The unfortunate thing about the health and fitness industry is that everybody, even non-professionals, have an opinion on what people should and should not be doing. Many of those opinions don’t take any scientific research into consideration and this often leads people down a path of confusion.

If you are old enough to remember the 1970’s you will know the origins of this famous fitness myth. This all started during the glory days of bodybuilding. With massive, overly muscled guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger gracing stages around the world it’s no wonder that most women were put off the idea of training with heavy barbells and dumbbells. Thanks to the thriving home circuit workout market during the 1980’s VHS boom, the notion that women should stick to cardiovascular exercise was set in place.

Why? The belief was that if a woman touched a heavy weight she would grow big muscles and create a bodybuilder physique. Of course, if you have ever known somebody who has taken on a bodybuilding lifestyle you will know that this belief is pure nonsense. Bodybuilding is really a lifestyle and it’s not surprising if a bodybuilder takes offence when they overhear somebody saying they don’t want to touch a heavier dumbbell because they don’t want to get huge. If only it were that easy.

There have been many scientific studies performed on male and female exercise enthusiasts over the last four decades which confirm that women should indeed be performing regular resistance training for a number of important reasons. They are listed below:

* In order to build a toned, lean physique you simply need some kind of resistance training.

* By training with weights you’ll build more lean muscle tissue, which will in turn help your body to burn off more unwanted fat.

* Be prepared for a great increase in fitness.

* Resistance training has been shown to have very similar effects to HIIT in terms of it’s ability to burn off body fat.

There’s four reasons why every lady in your local gym should be working out with barbells and dumbbells. But what about the number one fear – Will it make you bulky? Actually, no. The female body does not release anywhere near as much testosterone as the male body, therefore making it very difficult to get big and bulky unless that is specifically what you are trying to do. The next time you see a female bodybuilder don’t presume that she just lifted a slightly heavier dumbbell, she has had to tailor her diet to suit her needs and what supplements to take to help her body grow.

A lot of thought has to go into that type of lifestyle. It’s not something you need to worry about, as it certainly cannot happen without deliberately aiming for it.

Should women lift weights? Absolutely. In fact it is one of the best ways to get in shape even if your overall goal is weight loss. The myth that ladies should stick to cardio is as old as time itself, it can be one of most confusing aspects of fitness alongside learning what supplements to take or which how many times per week you need to work out for maximum results.

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