Winter Best Beauty Buys

Winter Best Beauty Buys

Winter brings with it Christmas and New Year parties to glam up for, but also can play havoc with your skin. Harsh winds, central heating and the cold can dry your skin and leave it chapped and sore. So along with a new lippy or eyeliner consider looking after the basics over the winter months, after all no amount of makeup will really cover dull, lifeless skin.

The first thing to consider is looking at how you clean your skin in the winter months – try to think about using alcohol free cleansers and soaps. Go for gentler cleansers, which will nurture and clean your skin. It might be worth investing in a separate soap for your face if you prefer not to use a cleanser from a bottle. You can afford to go with richly moisturising products at this time of year and there are plenty of shower gels, soaps and bath soaks that have added moisturisers or are PH balanced that can clean and protect you from top to toe.

Next it`s moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Invest in a good quality lip salve or balm that will protect your lips form chapping and keep them from peeling, cracking and soreness. Your hands will need extra attention at this time of year too so every time you wash them make sure you apply some hand cream – try keeping a bottle in your desk at work and applying some a few times a day. You could even buy some cotton gloves to wear in bed after you`ve applied a good dollop of cream. It`ll work a treat for your feet too. Do remember it doesn`t have to be expensive to do a good job – there are several cheap creams that will help you keep your digits delightful.

The same can be said for body creams – although generally not as exposed as hands and face it is still good beauty practice to moisturise after bathing. If you are going to put it on before bed time, though, do give it a chance to sink in or you might end up sticking to the bed sheets. Also remember that it is better to use a small amount and moisturise daily than half a tub once a week.

A word on hair. Again this can get dry and brittle not to mention potentially being under a hat or tied back out of the wind a lot of the time. You may find you need to wash it a little less often, but it is a good idea to invest in some conditioner and apply it every time you wash. You can buy a range of conditioners from pre wash to leave in and dry ones to suit all types of hair so have a dig about to find the one for you.

Finally your face, in a similar vein to your body care, moisturising using a very small amount of cream morning and night is preferable to lathering it everywhere weekly. There are many kinds of skin and it might help you to ask someone on the beauty counter for advice. Boots  provide a great range of beauty items to see you through the cold and usually have someone on hand for a bit of advice too!

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